Day 22: Zooquarium

Our rest day in Vienna was well earned. The journey to Vienna was beautiful and flat, however, the final road up to the hostel was a hill that nightmares have nightmares about. It was the Delta Spike hill that Martin and I(Will) were fearing, but it was the worst kind, the “DS” hill at the end. AND due to the scale of the elevation profile the hill didn’t register. It was a stealth hill!

The sleep we earned that night was glorious, exactly what our legs needed. But the lazy morning lie-in was abruptly cut short by a wild Fergus eager to catch breakfast (seven till nine and not a minute later!)… we all staggered out of bed at 7:15 and made our way to breakfast land. Shortly after I returned to bed land for a much needed post breakfast nap.

I awoke several hours later in a daze and after the washing magically done by the mum fairy (Fergus) we decided on going about sightseeing Vienna. Vienna had a plethora of museums and old historic architecture but much as it pains me to say this we all agreed that we were all “old building-ed out” so we thought, “screw it, lets go to the aquarium.” After missing the zoo in Nuremberg we all silently longed to see German animals.

We took the bus then the train into the city as our hostel was on the edge of a cliff. When we arrived at the aquarium we discovered it was more like a zooquarium! With tropical birds, insects as well as marine life. We spent most of our time observing non aquatic life. For instance they had an ant colony which consisted of a series of tubes around the various exhibits where thousands of worker ants would transport resources back to the nest. This is fairly standard stuff for any ant exhibit, but we found one ant, nicknamed Anthony, (the any that could), who managed to obtain a leaf five times the size of him and was bringing it back to the queen, come hell or high water. However this did not bode so well, as this leaf was too large to fit down the tubes poor old Anthony had to really struggle. Not only did Ant have to endure the trials and tribulations of the tubes but he had to fight with incoming traffic. Like a snowplow, he would scoop up smaller ants into his leaf and carry on. Until he met with his bigger brother who was named Dec. Dec knew Ant was upto no good and started to wrestle Ant to give up the almighty leaf. However as valiantly as they fought, gravity was the overall victor as both ants lost their footing and fell down the tube into the abyss (the abyss may contain more ants).

After realising we spent about 20 minutes watching ants we decided to move on.


Japanese spider crabs are fairly formidable.

Sea Broccoli
Its the Martin fish!

We eventually stumbled upon  the tropical arena where monkeys, turtles and birds roamed freely amongst the patrons. Considering this was in the middle of a city, where you could look out of the windows of the building to see the hustle and bustle of the metropolitan area, it was somewhat of a contrast.


Haters gunna hate monkey business



Turtles gunna turt.

We entered the exotic bird chamber which was filled with an array of brightly feathered birds.


And our favorite was this guy below.

This bird just didn’t give a flying fuck about anything. He was originally dubbed Zazu, but after watching his prolonged anti-avian behaviour he was awarded with the asbo title of “Baron Zazu, terror of the Viennan skies”. Zazu would fly from tree branch to tree branch disturbing all the other birds for no apparent reason, chasing them off every perch. He almost took out Tom and I during some daring flybys.

We spent pretty much the entire day in the Zooquarium and we wanted to catch the sunset over Vienna from our hostel. So we headed back. While waiting for the bus Tom noticed a strange restaurant called “Dine in the dark?”. This restaurant did literally that. You are seated somewhere in complete darkness, and you somehow order food and sometime later you supposedly get the food you ordered… Or did you? Either way going to the bathroom must be pretty awkward.

We finished off the evening chilling out with some beers and pizza overlooking Vienna.

In the distance we could hear the pyroman’s act starting again. But knowing how everyone enjoyed it, we had our own little show, consisting of 8 small sparklers…. It was a bit shit. But at least the view was spectacular.

– Will

Grumpy Tortoise is annoyed about you photographing him.

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5 Responses to Day 22: Zooquarium

  1. Emily M says:

    Some awesome photos, sounds like you had a lovely day of rest!! 🙂 x x x

  2. Wai Yue says:

    Wonderful pictures, loved the sea broccoli and ZaZu. Made my day that you all are
    having a lovely rest day. On on.

  3. Max Toti says:

    Fantastic journey! Thanks for sharing it with such a wonderful selection of photos and the entertaining commentary.

  4. ZsofiaH says:

    Sounds like you really made the most of your time in Vienna.. but I understand how old buildings can all look the same after a while. Looking forward to seeing you in Siofok! And good luck for the rest of the journey! xx

  5. Bethy says:

    What about the cakes and the coffee and the opera … and the cakes?! (I guess we’d do different holidays!). Glad you’re all still in one piece … can’t be long now, perhaps you’re there already? Love B xx

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